Health Consultancy

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – World Health Organisation

Your health is affected by a variety of factors

Physical Health
Emotional Health
Mental Health
Social Health
Spiritual Health/Well-being

Health Consultancy Sessions                                                              

Sessions and advice are tailored to your requirements be it the management of a medical problem or finding the source of problems on any level, social, physical, emotional, or mental including stress relief/management. Lifestyle and nutritional guidance are also available.

Physical Health
I have worked in and run GP referral health schemes, set up exercise schemes for older adults and managed a nutrition centre. I have worked on health projects in conjunction with University College Hospital in London. I have 8 years experience as an instructor in health related exercise and am qualified to Specialist Instructor level (cardiac rehabilitation/stroke/falls).

My background of teaching therapeutic exercise provides me with a sound knowledge of medical conditions .I have worked with many people with physical ailments /emotional issues using healing and prescribed exercise to improve quality of life. I have worked with all age groups from primary school children to older adults, the oldest person I have worked with was 98!

I have experience of working with many conditions including but not limited to;  Stress, Depression, Heart Disease, Stroke, Weight issues as well as working extensively with Older Adults specialising in chair based exercise and falls prevention. I have experience and understanding of the psychological effect that poor physical health can have.

Remedial/therapeutic exercise

One to One sessions and programmes are tailored to your personal requirements including:
Therapeutic exercise – condition specific or otherwise                                          
Walking – all levels

Exercise Programmes                                                                              

If you feel motivated enough to carry out the exercise on your own then I can prepare a tailored programme for you to follow. I am always there for advice and motivation. The programme will be reviewed regularly as you progress.

Initial Consultation - £25 – 40 min / £35 - hour
Programme Planning Package - £100


I can advise you on ways to improve your health through simple lifestyle changes. This is can be achieved by looking at:                                                                                                                         

State of Mind                                                                                                           
Social/environmental circumstances including your work/life balance
Any other areas of your life which may need to be addressed.

Spiritual Health - Spiritual guidance

I am a certificated Spiritual Companion. A Spiritual Companion provides support to others on their spiritual journey in both formal and informal settings. A Spiritual Companion provides you with support in understanding, developing and deepening your own spiritual practice. I am a member of the Foundation For Holistic Spirituality. This organisation aims to meet the growing professional need for spiritually competent people, whose approach is holistic rather than based solely in one faith tradition.

Initial Session                                                                                    

Includes: Consultation, considering aspects of your life that need to change, goal setting and where appropriate advice.
Thereafter the sessions will be tailored to suit your needs as determined in the initial session. Sessions may include any of the services that I offer on this site or a combination of them.

Cost -  £35 - hour/ £50 – 1.5 hours/ £60 – 2 hours

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” – Mahatma Gandhi