L.I.F.E – Look Inside for Empowerment      

I believe that the most powerful form of healing is self knowledge and self empowerment. I therefore base my work on the L.I.F.E principle

I believe that all that we need is within us however due to the society that we live in and the conditioning that happens throughout life, we lose touch with ourselves. When we do so, we fall out of harmony and as a consequence life does not flow smoothly. We encounter difficulties and resistance.

The services that I offer are focused on helping you to listen to your body, hear the whisperings of your soul, reclaim your inherent power and live life from a place of empowerment.

Some of the methods that I use enable you the space and time to relax, reconnect and be recharged. Other methods require you to do the work in which case I shall give you the tools and guide you through the process.