Shamanic Healing

Shamanism can help us to rediscover our true selves and define our relationship with the Earth, it is the oldest expression of spirituality that we know of. Shamanism is a:

  • Spiritual Practice
  • Philosophy
  • Healing Method
  • Way of Life
  • It is not a religion.

I believe that being a Shamanic Practitioner is grounded in personal experience as well as having knowledge of the shamanic methods. The experiences have to become part of us before we can pass it on. We need to look at ourselves and see our limitations and boundaries. We have our own ways of doing things and have our own gifts. All of life’s experiences contribute to and form part of these gifts or ‘personal medicine’. In addition to my personal medicine I am trained in shamanic practices from several cultures.

The name Shaman comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia which translated means ‘the one who sees in the dark’. Shamans are healers and dreamers. Shamans may use their skills to bring wholeness to people, animals, the community and the land

Garden of Soul

The Garden of Soul process requires a six session commitment during which you will learn how to undertake shamanic journey, find your animal totem/power animal for this work, access your Garden of Soul and undertake any work that is required to restore and tend to your inner soul garden. This is a powerful personal healing journey which, from both personal experience and witnessing the journeys of others, I can say is a particularly transformative process.

The sessions are generally undertaken weekly or fortnightly to keep a flow of continuity but the time frame may be adapted if needed.

Each session includes consultation and review. I provide support within and beyond each session as well as the assigning of the journey work to be undertaken in each session and any work/tasks you need to do between sessions.

Each session costs £50 on a session by session basis but if you book and pay for all 6 sessions together the discounted cost £270 instead of £300.

Due to the depth of this work I prefer to work in personal rather than distantly. However, this service is available distantly if you have prior experience in shamanic journeying.

Soul/Power Retrieval

Our experiences in life and the relationships that we enter into with others throughout our lives can sometimes cause us to experience soul or power loss.

Soul Loss/Retrieval – This can happen if we experience a traumatic event which causes part of us to ‘shut off’, when this happens we lose touch with part of ourselves or soul essence. You may have witnessed this in yourself or others when following an experience you or the other person were ‘not the same’ as they were before the event happened. This is an example of Soul loss. By using the method of Soul Retrieval the part of you that has been shut off or ‘lost’ can be restored to you.

Power Loss/Retrieval – This occurs when we ‘give’ our power away to others within our relationships. This can happen consciously and unconsciously. If someone ‘takes’ your power this can only be done with consent from you which you may have given unconsciously. You may also have ‘taken’ or been ‘given’ power by someone else. Either way holding onto the power or essence of another is detrimental to both parties. It is this type of encounter which can also be seen as creating cords or attachments to each other. Using Power Retrieval the power or essence can be restored to the rightful owner thus freeing both parties, this can be done by one party and does not need to physically involve both parties. This method of clearing and restoration works whether the other people are alive or have passed over.

Soul and Power Retrieval sessions cost £50 . Sessions are available in person or distantly.

Other Shamanic Sessions

Soul Remembrance/Purpose

This session provides information via shamanic journeying to discover the true essence of your Soul, who you were born to be before life’s conditioning and other people told you who you were.

In addition a journey of Re-membering can be done by you when you are proficient in shamanic journeying.

Shamanic Journeying Sessions – Are offered on a one to one and group basis

Introduction to shamanic journeying teaches you how to undertake a shamanic journey, to find and meet with your animal spirit guides and ask a question that you may be having trouble answering by yourself.

Weaving Ancestral threads – This will help you to connect with your immediate ancestors/ancestral lineage and to bring balance and healing to your family lines. You will seek information through your grandparents. You will weave your family lines into balance, creating a spun cord with intention and prayer. This action can bring about healing where one family line has dominated over the others, or where one has been unrecognised for its part in our personal make up.

Do not be concerned if you have lost touch with your family lines. This does not prevent you from doing this work. The information that you need will come from Spirit.

Shamanic Journeying experience is preferable prior to doing this in order for you to gain the maximum benefit however an introduction to journeying can be given on the day

Discovering your Personal Medicine Wheel – in this session you will journey to the 4 directions to discover your personal medicine which may come forward in various forms, gifts, totems…..

All Shamanic journeying sessions are available on a one to one, group or workshop basis.

All one to one sessions cost £50.

Please note that the cost of these services reflect the value of both my expertise and the benefit that you will receive from the sessions. I would like my services to be available to all and therefore if the cost is prohibitive for you please contact me to discuss potential flexible payment options.

Group session costs vary so please contact me for details