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I have a wealth of professional experience spanning three decades. I spent 16 years in the legal profession working my way up from receptionist to solicitor. I spent the final 6 years of my legal career as a Partner in a London Law firm. This has provided me with many abilities; social skills, people management and a personal experience of working in a highly stressful environment and I am fully aware the effects this has upon your health.

Upon leaving law I embarked on a career as a personal trainer and exercise/health instructor. I have worked for at least 5 London Borough Councils in the health and exercise field as well as the Central YMCA in London. I have worked in and run GP referral health schemes, set up exercise schemes for older adults and managed a nutrition centre. I have worked on health projects in conjunction with University College Hospital in London. I have 8 years experience as an instructor in health related exercise and am qualified to Specialist Instructor level (cardiac rehabilitation/stroke/falls), working freelance for various local authorities in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. I am also a qualified yoga teacher.
My background of teaching therapeutic exercise provides me with a sound knowledge of medical conditions. I have worked with  many people with physical ailments /emotional issues using healing and prescribed exercise to improve quality of life. I have worked with all age groups from primary school children to older adults, the oldest person I have worked with was 98!

I have been working professionally in the holistic/alternative/complementary medicine field since 2007 although my formal training in this field commenced in 2004. I have been working on my own personal development since 1997 and have gained much experience in the field of self development/empowerment and personal/life transformation as a result. There is nothing that I practice or teach that I have not experienced myself personally. I am therefore able to offer her services with wisdom, compassion and empathy.

My work ethic is to deal with both internal and external issues, to locate the source of the problem and heal them. I adopt the 'whole person' approach in all of my work with a view to helping others to find balance in all aspects of themselves. Hence my slogan ‘Health & Healing for the Whole Person.

I adopt an approach of self-empowerment and my services provide a way forward for my clients which is based on my L.I.F.E policy - Look Inside For Empowerment.

I believe that for too long we have been programmed to look outside of ourselves for solutions, giving our power to others in the process. It is now time to reclaim personal power and to find a way to live in balance and harmony with ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

I am currently live in Scotland but to travel to other parts of the UK and the World. The world is a small place and there are no frontiers for healing.

I trust that we all find what we need when we need it, I believe in abundance without riches, living from the heart and speaking my Truth with Love and Integrity.