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Triple Helix Energy Healing

I am delighted to introduce the new format of Triple Helix workshops. Triple Helix has been restructured to make the workshops more accessible in terms of time and financial restraints. Now they will be run as 4 one day workshops instead of 2 two day workshops. This means that you can do them as and when it suits you.

You can just do Triple Helix 1 as a standalone workshop or you can do them all. Triple Helix 1 is the pre-requisite/foundation for the other workshops as it teaches you the basics of the Triple Helix method.

If you just wish to use Triple Helix for yourself then you can do Triple Helix 1 & 3 without the need to do workshops 2 &4 which are designed for using the techniques on others.

Should you wish to advance to becoming a certified Triple Helix practitioner then it is necessary to complete all 4 workshops plus the associated case studies and practical session requirements. Please see below an overview of contents for each workshop.

Triple Helix 1 - Energy Tools of Transformation and Healing for you

Triple Helix 1 is a one day workshop that provides an introduction into energy healing and vibrational medicine. It includes using breath as a healing tool; how to perceive energy and use it as a healing tool; how your thoughts affect your emotions and how to transmute fearful thoughts and manage your emotions. It provides an introduction into the auric field and the chakras; how to use colour in relation to the chakra system as a healing tool; an introduction to sound as a healing tool and how to balance the chakras using sound. This workshop is designed for you to use the tools on yourself and is the foundation for the Triple Helix 2,3 &4 workshops.

Triple Helix 2 - Energy tools of Transformationand Healing to use on others

This is a highly practical workshop. It provides the tools for using the Triple Helix healing method on your friends and family. The workshop teaches you the hand positions most beneficial for using this method of healing as well as giving guidelines on healing specific conditions. It shows you how to alter posture/realign bones using a light touch and breathing techniques. You will be given tools to enhance the effectiveness of the healing energy. Guidelines are given for emotional healing. You will learn how to balance and use healing energy and sound when working on other  people’s chakras and how to use Triple Helix as a distant healing tool. Triple Helix 2 is a prerequisite for workshop 4.

Triple Helix 3 - Know your energy systems to create balance and harmony in your life

This workshop provides information about the systems I work with in Triple Helix healing and how I use the chakra map as a tool in healing and consultation. The workshop provides information on the 4 energy bodies of the aura; how to find energy blocks in your aura and how to clear them. The chakra system is looked at detail in connection with the body, glands and emotions. Tools are given to use chakras as a map for problems in the body and emotions and vice versa and how to recognise imbalances in your system. We explore the importance of the pineal gland, the effects of calcification and tools to help decalcify your pineal gland. We learn about the masculine and feminine properties within us and how to bring them into balance. Guidelines will also be given on how to live a balanced life. This is a workshop that is designed for you to use for better management of your energy system and how to create harmony in your life. These tools can be used in conjunction with the techniques taught in Triple Helix workshops 1, 2 & 4 and any other forms of healing.

Triple Helix 4 - Enhanced Energy Healing Tools for you and others

Triple Helix 4 is the conclusion of the series of Triple Helix workshops. It is designed for those who wish to learn more powerful ways of working with the Triple Helix energy healing method and for those who wish to advance to becoming a certified Triple Helix practitioner. This workshop teaches new techniques to work with in order to enhance the effective of your healing work. It builds upon the tools given in Triple Helix 1, 2 & 3 including working in the auric field, physical and emotional issues and emotional blocks; clearing and balancing the chakras; working with the triple helix symbol and more. An overview will be given of what ‘health’ is and the ethics to be followed as a healing practitioner.


All Triple Helix workshops are currently being offered at an introductory price of £75 per workshop. A deposit of £25 is payable to secure your place, Booking in advance essential.
If you have already attended Triple Helix workshops then these are offered to you at half price.

Shamanism Workshops and Ceremonies

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Teaches you what shamanic journeying is and how to do it yourself. Discover the realms of non-ordinary reality, find your power animal and human spirit guides. Guided journeying sessions are also available. The shamanic journey is a process that allows knowing to come into being.

Weaving Ancestral Threads

In our modern Western world many if us have lost the connection to our ancestors. In the indigenous world the ancestors are honoured and revered and their teachings are used to the benefit of the community. The disconnection we experience can result in lost sense of identity, frustration and can lead to illness or dis-ease. It is our responsibility, in a time of greater human consciousness, to heal our ancestral lines for the benefit of the 7 generations behind and 7 generations forward.

This workshop will help you to connect with your most immediate ancestors and to bring balance and healing to your family lines. We will seek information through your grandparents. We will weave your family lines into balance, creating a spun cord with intention and prayer. This action can bring about healing where one family line has dominated over the others, or where one has been unrecognised for its part in our personal make up.
Do not be concerned if you have lost touch with your family lines. This does not prevent you from doing this work. The information that you need will come from Spirit.

NB- Shamanic Journeying experience is preferable prior to taking part in this workshop in order for you to gain the maximum benefit however an introduction to journeying can be given on the day

Discovering your Personal Medicine Wheel

In this session you will undertake a number of shamanic journeys to discover your personal medicine which may come forward in various forms, gifts, totems…..

NB- Shamanic Journeying experience is preferable prior to taking part in this workshop in order for you to gain the maximum benefit however an introduction to journeying can be given on the day

Munay Ki

The rites of the Munay-Ki are based on initiatory practices of the Inka and pre-Inka shamans of the Andes and the Amazon
Due to the power of the Rites I believe it is preferable to receive the Rites over a period of time in order to allow for integration.

I offer the Rites in ceremony for energetic exchange /donation in accordance with the Andean tradition of ayni (reciprocation) on a one to one and group basis.

Ceremony 1 – Foundation Rites – Bands of Power/Healer’s Rite/Harmony Rite/Seer’s Rite
Ceremony 2 – Lineage Rites – Daykeeper’s Rite/Wisdomkeeper’s Rite/Earthkeeper’s Rite
Ceremony 3 – Rites to Come – Starkeeper’s Rite/Creator Rite

Once you have received all Nine Rites you are able to pass them on, I offer a workshop  for you to learn how to give them so you can then pass on these processes.

Alternatively I am willing to run workshops for you to receive the rites and learn how to pass them on simultaneously, by arrangement.

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More workshops to come soon………..