Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is a range of practices including; asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and meditation which originated in India more than 5000 years ago

The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit verb Yuj, which means to unite. Traditionally the main goal of the different aspects of yoga practice is to re-unite the Self with the Divine, thereby realising our true nature, to discover and experience the universal spirit within.

Yoga is mentioned in the Vedas which are sacred texts dating back to 2,500BC. Veda in Sanskrit means Wisdom. Later Yoga was referred to in the Upanishads which explore the idea that Truth is within us and speak of an inward journey of self-realisation. There are several branches or paths of Yoga traditionally cited as the goal to self-realisation.

Hatha Yoga is a system of Yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a sage of 15th century India. The word ‘Hatha’ is the joining of the words ‘Ha’ and ‘Tha’ to unify the energies of HA (the sun, male principle and right side) with THA (the moon, female principle and the left side), symbolically the twin forces that exist in everything.

Whilst traditionally Yoga was practised to prepare for the highest state of consciousness, it now also practised to improve or restore health, reduce stress, to prevent the body from ageing and to build up the body.

How Yoga can help you:

Stress Relief

Restoring equilibrium and balance

Relieve or remedy medical conditions

Correct muscle and/or postural imbalances

Physiological benefits


Yoga postures work with specific parts of the body, organs and glands. They can be used in a tailored programme to help relieve and remedy medical conditions, stretch and/or strengthen specific muscles as well as be used for cardiovascular exercise.


There is much power in the breath. Balanced breathing promotes mental equilibrium and balance and can help to control situations such as panic attacks.


Rests and relaxes the mind and body. It develops powers of concentration and awareness. It reduces blood pressure, helps to control pain and assists you to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Yoga Sessions

One to One sessions and programmes are tailored to your personal requirements. This is not restricted just to yoga postures/asanas but can also include breathwork (pranayama), chanting/mantras and forms of meditation.

Group sessions and classes available on request – tailored to suit the group as a whole

Prices will be agreed subject to group needs/demands/venue and whether the sessions are required as a one off or regularly.

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation is less the discovery of a new skill than the rediscovery of a natural state of mind that is always there and has always been there, behind the surface chatter that usually claims our attention” – David Fontana

Modern living can have an adverse effect on our health and well being as all too often we do not take time out for ourselves. We need as few as five minutes a day of peace and quiet to help keep ourselves in balance and harmony

We are continually asking things of ourselves without knowing or realising that we are doing this. That puts a great deal of stress upon ourselves. The stress that we find ourselves surrounded by, we are actually creating ourselves.

I offer guided meditation sessions for groups and individuals. The purpose of the session can be purely for relaxation purposes or with a specific aim.

When we meditate our brain waves slow down naturally. There are varies different frequencies at which our brain operates depending on the ‘state’ that we are operating within.

Meditation sessions can help with many life issues including:

  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • Self confidence/esteem
  • Positive thinking
  • Smoking cessation
  • Pain management
  • Goal achievement/success
  • Forgiveness
  • Grief

Sessions includes any consultation/discussions/advice before and after the meditation if required

These sessions are valid and effective in their own right but can also be used alongside any of the other services that I offer.

Cycles of the Year

I also offer meditation sessions to coincide with events such as the New and Full Moon, Equinoxes, Solstices and other events in the Wheel of the Year

Meditation sessions are available on an individual, one to one basis as well as group meditations. I provide these in person, by telephone or via the internet (skype or web conferencing).